50 Years

50 Years

This painting is a tribute to romance that endures. 

During a spring break from Berea College, I visited my grandparents in Roanoke, Virginia. It was the year of their 50th wedding anniversary and I took a large number of photographs of them during my visit.

One photo served as the source for this painting: Grandma and Grandpa are shown beneath portraits made more than 50 years earlier, in the house my Grandpa built, with one of my Grandma's knitted afghans behind them. Visible on the deeply plastered wall behind them are the lines my Grandpa drew with his carpenter’s pencil to align the photos. They both dressed in their “Sunday best” and posed for six photos.

Later that summer, I entered the photograph into the first Parade Magazine American Family Photography Contest and received one of 100 national awards.

My grandparents are one inspiration for my current approach of creating affordable fine art — they were married during the Great Depression and lived with limited finances. My grandfather had a third-grade education and was retired by the time I started creating artwork. The irony of their endless encouragement of my artistic ambitions was never lost on me: they just couldn't afford original artwork. As tribute to them and others in my extended Appalachian family, reproduction prints and cartds of my artwork are available at less than $10 — a price that everyone can afford.

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 Single Note Card and Envelope

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 Medium Matted Print (11 x 14 inches) 
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